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 Operation in Germany

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Members of the 80th A/A Battalion capture several
German soldiers near the Elbe River.

 The  Hurtgen Forest

Dark Forest  Dutch Schultz,  of the 505 PIR, describes his experience fighting in the Hurtgen Forest. Beginning in late September, 1944 and lasting until February, 1945. American and German forces savagely battled in the hilly and heavily wooded forest located southwest of Aachen, Germany. Throughout the campaign, entrenched, well-camouflaged Germans, fighting on their own soil, mauled several American units.




The Hurtgen Forest  
Bergstein - Part 1
Lud Gibbons, 517th (PRCT)
Time: 2:11
Part 2  |  Part 3  |  Part 4
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Audio / Video production by Tom Lombardo, Virtual Resources, Inc.
 Operation Varsity

My Longest Day
by Jack Trovato, of A Company, 194th GIR. A very moving narrative describing Jack's experiences during Operation Varsity, the airborne phase of the Rhine crossing.

Legend  An Interview with Colonel Edson Raff about his jump during Operation Varsity as Regimental Commander of the 507 PIR.

An e-history by Thomas Hashway of the 513 PIR. Tom discusses the final large-scale airborne assault in Europe, Operation Varsity.




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