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Amtracs on Leyte after the 511th hit the beach.   (Gale)
The Airborne Assault Noemfoor 
Rats Ass Charge
The 511th clashed head-on into the fresh Japanese 29th Division in a "Dog-Eat-Dog,  No Front, No Rear", battle.
Hunger proved to be an intense personal experience for the troops of the 511 PIR, battling on Leyte, the Philippines. as this excellent account written by Ralph Ermatinger describes.

No One Smiled On Leyte
by Deane E. Marks of HQ2-511th PIR. A great personal account about the 511th's actions on Leyte.

Japanese Airborne Assault
BG Henry Muller, Jr. , wartime G-2 of the 11th, recalls the Japanese parachute assault on the rear echelon of the 11th Airborne Division on Leyte, Philippines, December 7, 1944.

"Strength From Above" - A historical chronicle of the 511th PIR. Dr. James Lorio, former G Company Commander, used "Strength From Above" to recount personal accounts and the exploits of the men of the 511th PIR.

503rd on Mindoro  

The Raid on Paluan
Jack Herzig's story of the 503rd PIR's mission to seize a Japanese observation post in the Philippines.
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