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Food supply was nonexistent for the Japanese soldiers that made their last stand in the rugged, mountainous terrain of Noemfoor Island.   Faced with this impossible situation and the human need to stay alive, many Japanese soldiers  resorted to cannibalism as this picture graphically demonstrates.   While the Japanese primarily ate their own dead, several American soldiers were also cannibalized.  (Herzig)

My Private War Chester Nycum, of the 503rd, describes in great detail his combat experience on Noemfoor Island. This account reveals the savage nature of combat in the Pacific.
Purple Hearts on Noemfoor Don Abbott of the 503rd Regimental Combat Team describes a patrol to scout out Hill 670 on Noemfoor Island.

The Airborne Assault on Noemfoor 
The Airborne Assault Noemfoor 

Drop Zone Noemfoor Charles Rambo, Regimental Communication Officer of the 503rd describes the bone crushing combat jump on Noemfoor Island.


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